ranch needs ac

I am greatly obsessed with the old West. Cowboys on horses, cow drives, locomotives on the wasteland plains, all of these items! It’s awesome to me. So this year for vacation instead of doing a boring theme recreation area or gross water park, I decided to take a trip out west and spend a couple weeks on a ranch. They give real-life Old West knowledge, so I bought myself some new boots as well as a 10 gallon hat and walked out west. And I will become the first to admit I couldn’t survive one day in the old west. If I hadn’t had the running water, air conditioning, and power for the dude ranch I would have went home within weeks. While watching all those classic western movies and Broadcast tv, it never occurred to me that all those poor guys never had air conditioning before. Maybe that made it easier for them survive, because as someone used to AC, living in the sweltering plains temperatures was some nightmare. Fortunately this was just a resort ranch, and every guest had their own individual climate controlled cabin. That little safe haven of AC in the course of the desert sure was your life saver. The morning wasn’t so humid, so I would exit on an early ride, then return for some food and also to enjoy the HVAC system in my room for a short time. Then, when the sun started to set, I would go out on the ranch and enjoy the cooling desert breezes coming in off the plains. Thanks to air conditioning I survived, but simply barely.

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