Loud noises and quiet HVAC

My house is very old. I inherited it from my Grandpa and Grandma about twelve years ago.  I have not done much remodeling since then. I am always stressed with work and my personal life, so I have little  time to make upgrades to the house. I am starting to think that I need to consult with a professional to make some improvements. One priority is  my furnace and  Air Conditioning system. This furnace and  Air Conditioning system is so extremely noisy. Sometimes it will wake me up in the middle of the  night when it cycles on. The furnace and  Air Conditioning system is so aggravating.  I recently found something that was even louder than my furnace and Air Conditioning system.  Last Friday night, there was a horrific storm that rolled through my area. There were strong winds, downpours,  thunder and lightning. This storm was so loud. Every time the thunder boomed, I woke up.   It truly sounded as if my house was going to fall down around me. My cat was terrified too. She crawled under my bed and hid. I needed to get some sleep because I had an early start at work the following day. But there was no way I was getting any sleep with the storm raging. I was worried about my house. The house is very old and maybe not all that sturdy.  For that one night, I was not concerned about my furnace and Air Conditioning system. I know, however, that I need to have the furnace and Air Conditioning system serviced right away.  It could definitely turn into a repair situation.  

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