Heating system savings in the Winter

I tend to save a huge amount of money in the fall and the spring. Actually more so in fall. The temperatures are so mild I never feel the need to use air conditioning or heating systems. It works perfect for me- I can stay comfortable with just opening the windows. I do try to save the maximum amount of money as I can in the winter though too. That is most likely when I spend the majority for my heating. I am always feeling more on the chillier side so I tend to use more heat. I find easier ways to put heat into my home without counting upon the heating system. One way that I do this is I remember to open my shades. On the sunny days it truly is amazing how much your house fills with heat just because of the sun. When you open the shades ultra violet rays shine in and heats your home naturally. There’s almost no need to turn your heat on. Another way I try and save money is by trapping the heat from using the dryer plus the dishwasher. They put off a lot of heat into the home. The last way is that I take really warm showers. I actually shower with the door open for release of that heat to the rest of my home. I dare you to try doing these things this winter season. I guarantee you will see a change in those power bills. It works for me on a yearly basis!

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