top of the line HVAC

A long time ago we invested into buying a brand new top notch HVAC system for our brand-new house. We have saved all of our money since we were in highschool until we were able to afford to put down on our brand new house. We figured if we spent almost the entire bank account worth of our money on our new residence, we might as well get a great HVAC system to go with it. When the local HVAC company came to install our HVAC system this individual was telling us several ways to make sure we stay on top of the HVAC system so it can last us well over 10 years. He told us to make sure that we get our HVAC system serviced 2x yearly. Once in the spring before summer begins so our AC unit is working great, and once during the fall so our furnace keeps us toasty warm during the winter. It’s always great to check to see if the HVAC system works great before each season we really need it to operate it’s best. The HVAC technicians said that my husband and I could also do weekly checks on our unit outside to guarantee no debris or anything is there in it’s way of working. If there are  things like dust, sticks and dirt everywhere on our unit, it will need to work extra hard to get the AC out. The last thing he told us was that we should change our air filters every 30 days or so to keep things running smoothly as well. We are very thankful he gave us all this advice to keep our HVAC system in tip top shape for years to come.

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