Top of the line AC technology


         I can hardly believe how possessive my in-laws are of my hubby.. A man should leave his mother, father, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and colleagues, and stick with his wife – ME! We were all there at the church as the preacher said it so what’s their problem?. His pregnant sister’s baby was coming one or two night ago. With her boyfriend deployed overseas, she called no-one but my husband. Now with the coming of that kid, comes a new little female I am going to fight for my husband’s time..

          As many of you may know, my husband is a wonderful HVAC technician. We enjoy a top of the line A/C, so my house is always cool. He installed an HVAC unit for his mother long ago, which is not exactly new, so the lady is always calling on him him to repair it.. My husband will clean ducts, address coils and filters, yet the moment we both settle in to have an evening together, the wretched thing stops working again. I am beginning to believe that between my mother in law and her antique A/C, there is a plan to destroy my marriage. I won’t allow that!

          My husband had intended to change his mother’s old HVAC unit by having a new one installed, but I had opposed the concept. For the more money he spends on her, the less there is more me. But on second thought, that may solve the problem. At least she will no longer have that old A/C reason for getting his attention. I will eventually have peace and my better half in my house.

          I won’t bother with that new kid just yet.