The ac is always too much

Playing music is the one passion that I have in my life. I began to play the violin at age five. While other kids were playing outside I was inside rehearsing. To be fair, I did not wish to play with the other small children. They were cruel to me and called me terrible names so I took out my frustrations on the violin. My hard work paid off, and now I am a violinist in a famous symphony, touring the United States to share our music.I bet those kids are green with envy now! I love my job, but there are downsides at times. Classical music is timeless as well as a tradition passed down by several generations. This means that we sometimes have to perform in older buildings that are not always comfortable. As an example, one show we performed up north in the winter was a miserable experience as the venue had no HVAC system whatsoever. As a historical landmark, any modern additions with the building were banned. In our dressing rooms, it was extremely cold. I remember looking around to find a thermostat and could not find one on the wall, so I assumed the HVAC system ought to be connected to a mobile thermostat. It turns out I was wrong. During our performance, there were over one thousand people in the audience. This plus the stage lights created an excessive heat we could not escape due to the lack of air conditioning. Then we were eventually back into the cold dressing rooms, at which  point the lack of a  furnace ended up being welcomed. I could not wait to get back into the HVAC managed tour bus! I love my career as violinist, and sometimes I just need to roll with the punches.