Need good HVAC for pictures

As  a child, I had a plastic camera toy that I carried with me everywhere. I would pretend to take pictures of cars, plants, critters, and even complete strangers. For this reason, I went to school to study film and photography. When I graduated, I started my own business as a photographer. Among the responsibilities of being a photographer, is developing pictures, and these pictures are developed in what people call a red room. There are red lights along with chemicals we dip the papers in so that when we hang them up the pictures slowly begin to appear as the chemicals dry. The red room has to be kept at a very precise temperature  so that the pictures will not be destroyed. That is why it is important to have a very effective HVAC system. I live in an area with a cold climate, so it is especially important to get a good furnace. I do have a full HVAC system however, with the air conditioning independent of the furnace. I even have a mobile thermostat in case the temperature starts to change and I am not in the red  room. That way I can shift the thermostat mobily. One time my thermostat stopped working hence the furnace turned off, and every single one of my pictures and chemicals froze! Every photo was ruined and it made some very unhappy customers. After that incident is when I decided to get a better HVAC system. Now I can keep close track of the thermostat and feel protected about my business.

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