Getting ductless mini split for the family

My husband and i have been living in the house for about 5 or so years. We love the area a lot.  I’m pretty sure that we are never going to move out of this house. We love our backyard, all of our neighbors, and the school district for our future kids. Our house is definitely roomy for the two of us, but my husband really wants us to have kids someday. I thought that this summer was the perfect time to add an addition onto our house. Our house was a little older, so nothing was up-to-date. But we still loved it considerably. We added on two new, very large rooms! We figured one can be used for a spare bedroom, and one for a playroom. We’ve been super excited. We have such a nice furnace that works really well. It keeps us nice and toasty in the winter. We also have AC window units to keep us cooled off during the warmer summer weather. We decided to look into other AC options for our new additions. We called our local HVAC company to ask a couple of questions. They opted to come over and discuss it all with us. The HVAC technician said that the ductless HVAC system would work great for the new rooms. Ductless units only an increased level of very small hole to be drilled in the wall. They are less visible, and not as loud. Also, ductless HVAC systems are more energy efficient. We thought that this was the best idea, and scheduled for our HVAC business to install the ductless system within the next two weeks.

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