AC and dehumidifier

The spring and summer seasons in the community where I live are not only long, but excruciatingly hot and humid. It is not unusual for the outside temperature to climb up into the triple digits for months at any given time. There is virtually no relief from the humid temperatures. Even a central air conditioner isn’t enough to keep cool. Trying to help combat the humidity, I continually adjusted the thermostat lower and lower. I ended up with a cold house, and nevertheless had condensation running down our windows. High humidity levels cause much more problems than just discomfort. Not only does it make it impossible to sleep and leave me feeling sluggish, but it can damage home furnishings. I have hardwood floors inside my house, as well as lumber moldings, doors, and antique household furniture. Excess moisture causes wood to swell and potentially crack. It also can lead to concerns with mold and mildew as well as other bacteria. Damp, hot environments are perfect for dust mites, cockroaches and centipedes. I finally procured a whole-home dehumidifier which I installed into my existing cooling system. The dehumidifier is tucked out of sight, operates silently, and requires hardly any maintenance. It extracts moisture from the air to achieve optimum water levels, which creates a healthier and more comfortable home. Because of this dehumidifier, I have been able to raise the setting on the thermostat by several degrees. The savings on my month-to-month energy bill has definitely recovered the price. The combination of the air conditioner and dehumidifier allows you to make the spring and summer time weather tolerable.

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