Not turning on-the AC

I am a firm believer that many things can repair themselves. I love to let things sit fallow for awhile. I let our air conditioning machine sit unused for a bit. I let the laptop have a break. Sometimes I even supply our truck special gas to put it in the mood. There are pieces of machinery that need to be punished occasionally for their bad behavior. My A/C idea occasionally need to be punished itself for giving myself and others bad cooling. Most of the time when the A/C idea gets a break if it turns off plus on practically. So I let the cooling idea sit for a bit, then it feels better and always goes back to cooling love normal. Lately the air conditioning component idea has been a massive pain in the butt. The A/C idea has not wanted to turn on lately. So the cooling system’s punishment is going to be a possible updatement. I have taken it out of our window plus slowly have worked it toward our trash can I have researched other, more advanced A/C systems. I have let our cooling idea think over its fate. I tell the A/C idea that if it does not turn back on for myself and others consistently, it will be thrown out in the dump with all the other trash. I have done the A/C boycott for a week now. I am thinking what I will do is put the A/C idea back in our window plus deciding if it is ready to begin cooling again. I guess the punishment plus myself and others is threatening to throw it out will inspire the A/C idea to turn on. I am telling you it’s true, a little punishment or a few breaks works wonders.

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