HVAC ducts in the ceiling

The new thing to do is put the air vents right on the ceiling. I am not a giant fan of this at all. In fact I really hate that the HVAC air vents are in the ceiling. Everywhere that I sit or stand, I’m like I can actually feel all in the event the air blowing right onto everyone. I lay on the side of the bed where the air vent is located. Well when the air conditioning can be on I can fully feel all of the cool air coming right out from the HVAC vent. I do not love this particular at all. However we do not desire to be blowing the air towards the wall. The air vent in the living room is also on the ceiling. I can always feel the air from that one overly. Everyone picks their seats and I always look last. I always get the seat that’s the air conditioning blowing right on you. Honestly if I were always hot it may possibly feel nice. However I am always cold while indoors and I hate the idea of air conditioning blowing directly into me. I just wish we could settle for the days where the air vents have become more towards the floor plus the air blows on us from all the way up there. That way I wouldn’t always sense that the air is blowing appropriate out and directly at us. Next time I might just start to turn the air conditioning off and see if anyone notices. I mean we will probably save a ton of electricity, right?

HVAC ducts