Wrong air filters

    This past weekend was spring cleaning. It is the one time of the year, when we all work together to make sure that the house is in tip-top shape. My children do not love this time of the year, because I keep them busy with menial chores. I really wanted to clean all of the air ducting in the house this year, which took us half of a day. I purchased a special set of tools, that are made just for cleaning out the air ducting. I was very surprised by all of the dust and debris, that we found inside of the air ducting. I didn’t realize how much dirt was being blown into the house, until I started cleaning out the air ducts. When we were nearing the end of the job, I sent my son to the hardware store. We were completely out of air filters, and needed a new one. I sent my son to the store with the old air filter, in order to make sure the right size was retrieved. A few years ago, we had purchased the wrong size air filters online. That was a complete nightmare. When my son came home with the new air filters, I pulled one out to sit inside of the HVAC system. It did not fit at all. The air filter was labeled as the same size as the old one, but it was clearly about an inch bigger. The new air filter did not fit in the system at all, and I was completely baffled by the problem. I contacted the hardware store, in order to explain the problem with the air filter. The hardware store replaced the box of air filters, which happened to be incorrectly sized.

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