Working more to save up for a ductless AC unit

I really am terrible about going to work and actually doing a good job. The only thing that motivates me is if I am saving for something. I need to have a big purchase that I want and cannot buy yet. That makes me motivated to get to work, work longer and take overtime hours. Recently I decided that I wanted to add a ductless mini split air conditioner in my bedroom. I came across an article online and read all about the ductless cooling system. The AC system can be used for a single room and not affect the whole home’s temperature. That is why ductless is so great. Also ductless HVAC units tend to be cleaner. A forced air HVAC unit runs through air ducts all in your home. The air ducts have dust, pet dander and sometimes dead mice living in them. Then the air goes through the dirty HVAC ducts and pollutes your air quality. The ductless cooling unit is way more fresh. Also the ductless AC unit is easy to install. I can even save money on the cooling installation. It will only take me an hour and then I can have AC. Also I can get a smart thermostat for the ductless mini split and run the climate control through my phone. On my way home from work I can turn on the air conditioner. I then can arrive and be in perfect air conditioner. I really want this device so bad. So now I am working as much as I can and saving every dime I am able to in order to purchase it.

ductless cooling