Having sons read in library over the Summer-AC

Over the Summer my wife and I have trouble getting our sons to actually use their brains. The boys like to be very physical. They ride four wheelers, swim in the pool and play tennis. They also love to get into trouble. So my wife and I try to get them busy all Summer since they are not at school anymore. About once a week over the Summer we take them to our local air conditioned library. The family each finds a book and we read in a cooled library nook four about 2 hours. At first our boys were miserable and unhappy doing this. But as our Summer started heating up, the boys were more eager to go to the library. The reason for this is because our  local library has central air conditioning. Our own home does not even have AC. So to get cooled off, the boys either swim, take a cold shower or they can go to the library. The AC break from the heat for a few hours once a week is great. The boys now look forward to our library day and position themselves right under the cool air vents. Two hours fly by in the AC and the boys are getting more into their reading. My wife and I are happy that they are reading and enjoying it in the cool air. Everyone should think about taking their kids to the library with AC not only for their knowledge but to also spend quality family time.