My wife and I made plans to go on vacation together. We both took an entire week off of work, and decided to go to the mountains. My wife and I both love skiing and snowboarding, so it seemed like the perfect vacation. We rented a chalet at the bottom of the mountain. One of the biggest reasons that we chose this specific rental, was the fireplace. All of the pictures online were beautiful, and there was a large stone fireplace in the middle of the chalet. My wife and I were excited about the fireplace, because that happens to be one of our favorite things about the winter season. When we arrived to our rental, we were aggravated to find no fireplace. We contacted the real estate agent, and gave them our grievance. The rental company apologized for an hour, stating that those were the wrong pictures for this specific rental. My wife and I were very upset about having no fireplace, but we decided to stay. The real estate agent gave us half of our money back, because of the booking problem. During the evening, we had no fireplace to keep us warm. Luckily enough, the rental was equipped with a central heating system. The heating system kept the chalet very warm and cozy, despite the fact that we had no fireplace. The heating system worked very well to keep the entire place warm, and we had a very nice vacation. Even though the ad was incorrect, my wife and I still enjoyed our cozy atmosphere. Despite the advertising mix up, my wife and I had a wonderful time together.

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