The building ac unit

If you ever had an experience like we do when it comes to an NFL game you will appreciate some of the changes that many stadiums are making. Many people enjoy tailgating prior to the game and more people would probably take advantage of this if they had a place to go that was climate controlled. Stadium owners have realized this and have begun purchasing large storage units that act as tailgating facilities that fans can rent out prior to the game. They have  large, portable storage structures with plenty of room, a large TV screen, many couches, & a few other seating inside. Outside, under an awning, there was another TV screen & many outdoor chairs set up. This allows fans to enjoy the experience without having to take everything to the stadium parking lot. The best part about the structure is that each one features an HVAC system to keep people comfortable. They even feature large blowers that will keep the people on the outside of the structure more comfortable during inclement weather.  I think that having heat or air conditioning while tailgating is a fantastic idea. The cost of renting these structures can be split amongst all of the fans were going to be hanging out there so it will be more feasible for the average fan. Some people drive their large RVs to the parking lot the night before the game to set up but many of us don’t have that luxury so this is a great option. . I am actually excited to see how comfortable those air conditioned tailgating structures will be! We try to go to at least two games per season and usually one is in warmer weather and the other is when it is usually snowing. This will make them a lot more fun.

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