Our air conditioner working fine

Our son called the last month to check in and let us know how he was doing at his new house. After graduating college he had saved enough money for a down payment and we were very proud of him for purchasing his first home. It seems he’s having a bit more difficulty than he thought adjusting to being an adult.  Knowing how often to clean, what to cook, and taking care of a house is more than he bargained for.  One of the things he said he  struggled with the most was figuring out  how to adjust the thermostat so that he was comfortable all of the time. Prior to owning his own house he lived either in the dorms or at home and never really had to think about it because he didn’t have control over it. However, now that he’s on his own he said that he is constantly changing the settings on the thermostat because he either feels too hot or too cold. We offered him a few suggestions such as having an HVAC dealer out to do an energy assessment on his house and installing a programmable thermostat. Both of these would help him to save on his energy bills and hopefully keep him more comfortable. The programmable thermostat would allow him to set the temperature for when the house was empty and when he was home and he wouldn’t waste energy on maintaining the same temperature in an empty house. He gladly took the advice that we offered because he knew that it was in his best interest. The HVAC dealer came out and recommended a few changes to his windows and insulation but also installed the thermostat for him.  Now,  he enjoys not only Constant Comfort but he said that his latest utility bill had gone down quite a bit.

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