Need ac and air quality control

It seems like forever since I have slept. This has to do with several things included the fact that I am a college student with many deadlines for papers, I work part time, and have noisy roommates.  The biggest factor, however, is the fact that the HVAC unit runs constantly and blows directly on me during the night.  This dries out my sinuses and my eyes making me very uncomfortable. My eyes feel like they are going to burn right out of the sockets, and I have tried everything to remedy this problem.  I even tried sleeping with t a mask on but that made me feel claustrophobic. Because the system seems to be running more than usual we decided to put in a call to the building’s HVAC specialist to see if they could come look at it. We obviously don’t want it breaking down and we also don’t want to pay her utility bills. None of us know much about mechanical things so we weren’t sure what would be causing the air conditioning to work on overdrive, but we knew that we needed to get to the bottom of it. The HVAC technician came out and discovered that the filtration system was clogged with debris from some recent renovations that had been done.  He also noted that many of the ducts had small holes in them which allowed the cold air to escape instead of it reaching our room.  Therefore, the thermostat still thought that it was too warm. It was no wonder that the system was running as hard as it had been. Now that the repairs are made, maybe I can get some much needed sleep.

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