Jammed with debris-the ductwork

When I came home for the first break of my first year of college, I was livid.  My younger brothers had gone through my room.  Everything was rummaged through.  I have a lot of little items that I have kept from my childhood and they had them strewn around the floor, and some of them were broken.  I wanted to run downstairs and tell mom and dad, but I was an adult now, and I had to not ‘tattle’ on the babies.  There weren’t just missing and broken items, but I found some things were shoved into the air vent.  I tried to remove them so I could feel the air conditioning, but they were wrapped around the switch that opens and closes the air vent, and it was stuck shut.  I could hear the air conditioner running, but I wasn’t even getting a trickle of cool air.  My youngest brother came in, and when he saw me he took off.   I knew he was the culprit.  I got a knife and I tried to pry the air vent open, but it wasn’t working.  I was able to take the screws out, and remove it.  I took the air vent cover down to show to my dad.  The entire air duct was jammed with broken toys, candy papers, and dirt.  I thought dad was going to go ballistic.  He went upstairs and he opened up the air duct and he fixed air vent.  He left after that, and when he returned, he had a lock for my room, and only he and myself had the key.

ductwork cleaning