Better heating source

I never thought about HVAC systems and how they affect our lives, until I moved out on my own.  It wasn’t an option for me to stay home, after I graduated from school.  Here I am, missing not just my parents, but the splendid HVAC system in their home.  I have been on my own for almost three months now, and so far, it has been too bad.  Last night brought the first official cold spell.  It was so cold in my bedroom that I couldn’t even get to sleep.  After graduation, it wasn’t too bad, because our summer’s are fairly mild, but when winter hits, it comes early and fast.  Now, I am thinking that it’s going to be necessary to invest in some portable heating units.  I live at home, with my parents, while I was in college.  I always had an excellent heating system, and I guess I just wasn’t ready for the real life, and what happens when the HVAC is less than perfect.  I am thinking that I may be investing most of my savings, on my energy budget, because these portable space heaters are really going to drive up my energy bills.  No matter where I live, I’ll have to do with HVAC issues, so I’m thinking that maybe I need to swallow the little girl and become an adult and learn how to deal with life.  I just wish that some of my courses had included how to deal with real life.  It would be so much easier if I had been  aware, because I never listened to mom and dad.  I just sat back and enjoyed their HVAC without thinking about who paid for it.

HVAC unit