AC on a timer

I have a houseful of children who all have been pretty mild tempered for the most part; There are some little dissimilarities between them, but actually it’s uncanny how mellow they tend to be. Then came our latest child in our later years. his little girl has challenged our household in every way since I gave birth to her. She was a late arrival emergency c-section, then she was required to stay behind in the hospital for an extra week to be monitored. She only liked to be swaddled tightly love a little potato plus if you changed her she screamed, then i don’t mean a little whimper here or there, I mean all out screaming. The hospital has a fantastic routine for her, but when she left the hospital, there was nothing that could get her to stop crying! All of us were so tired and didn’t know what to do, then all of us tried heating lamps in her room, but that made her more angry. All of us then changed the control component to a level temperature, but that did not make her more comfy. Then one day I had her in the sling as she was screaming away plus I was attempting to cook. I walked into the walk in freezer in our garage plus she stopped that angry caterwauling. When I left the chilled air back to the house, she started caterwauling again. I went back into the freezer plus she stopped. She loved the frosty air, I was finally able to discern. I went into the beach house plus set up the zone control in her nursery to a/c. I attempted to set the thermostat to all kinds of hot plus cold temperatures until she stopped that infernal caterwauling. That was it. This little girl just wanted to be frosty in the frosty a/c. Thank goodness we have A/C with zone control, so the rest of the kids didn’t get frozen out!

ductless air conditioner