Why you get regular HVAC tune ups

My husband and I have owned our home for almost a year now. It’s a sore subject between the two of us. He wasn’t a fan of buying any property, let alone our first home together. But, I truly felt that it was time for us to move forward with our future together. I wanted to lay down roots. My husband was already overwhelmed by the financial aspect of owning a home. Trying to get him to focus on a home and the Heating plus A/C repairs was like asking for a trip around the world. I kept telling him that if neither of us kept up with the regular servicing plus repairs, then it would end up costing us way more money in the long run. It was as if I was speaking to a brick wall. Sure enough, one afternoon I switched on the house fan through the central heating in addition to cooling plan, and things went south. When I switched it on, I immediately heard a cracking noise that I knew wasn’t good. A horrible odor was coming through our vents, so it wasn’t a good sign. Then, a loud noise was heard, followed by dead silence. I insisted that my husband call the Heating plus A/C serviceman immediately. Fall was right around the corner, so the cool air was coming. There was no time to wait! Right away, the technician scolded us for not cleaning out any of our air vents or even replacing the dirty air filters in the entire time we owned the house. Once he looked around the ductwork, he found the sources of our problem. It was infested with bugs! The whole thing had to be stripped in addition to updated if my husband and I ever wanted to have any clean hot or cool air coming through our Heating plus A/C system. It cost us a small fortune, plus we learned the importance of regular repairs.

HVAC repair plan