The AC at the wedding

My wedding day was a big day for me. I was so anxious to plan it. I was so happy when I met an amazing guy who proposed to me.  I wanted our wedding day to be perfect.  I planned a Winter ceremony in the mountains.  I was exactly what I always wanted. My friends were upset with my choice to have an outdoor ceremony in the middle of winter.  They worried about the cold, but I had a plan to make it comfortable for everyone. I knew I  wanted tons of twinkle lights to set the tone with all of the snow. I knew it would be gorgeous with red roses.  I also prepared for the chilly weather and the resulting challenges. While it would be a quick ceremony outdoors, I rented a whole bunch of heating lamps up place down the aisle to handle the chill. The reception was scheduled to immediately follow in a heated venue.   I didn’t expect that the venue’s  Heating system would fail  on the  greatest day of my life.  The heating system malfunctioned the night before.  We tried to fix it, but only made it  worse. There was nothing but cold air coming from the air vents.  The venue where my guests were shivering was making me think we would have been better off going staying outside near the heating lamps. I asked if we  could bring them inside, but, this was considered a fire hazard. The management had a local HVAC technician on the way, and we  had to wait it out. Finally, we opened the bar for our guests started the music.  This made everyone much happier.   

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