No AC to speak of

I am a frequent traveller. I have a large duffle bag that I pack with my belongings and the world is at my disposal. I have seen lots of different places and  met tons of amazing people throughout my travels. It is always interesting for me  to experience the differences in each country from people, to foods and even household appliances. I will often stay in condos, hostels and occasionally, a nice hotel. The Summer travel can be pretty rough at times because of the heat and humidity.  It varies from country to country, but not everyone has modern heating and cooling units set up.  People sometimes get by with  opening a window or running fans instead of high-priced air conditioning units.  When I do get lucky and enjoy an evening’s stay where there is air conditioning, I always  sleep so much better and am tempted stay longer! But, those stays when the humidity has me sweating, and there is no Air Conditioning to take advantage of, I tend to be  in a hurry to find a new place to stay. When I do splurge for a hotel room every now and again, I have seen that it is not a guarantee that there will be a working air conditioning unit.   Some hotels manage the control of the Heating and Air Conditioning units and set the thermostat from the main office.  I hate having no say on the temperature, That is very aggravating when I have spent the extra money to be more comfortable. But, I so enjoy traveling that I will just put up with the challenge of no air conditioning here and there.

temperature control