Need solid HVAC where i stay

The recent weather has been acting prefer crazy lately. There have easily been major hurricanes in our country, and it has been incredibly devastating to watch. Some places are getting written completely off of the mat. I am blessed and feeling extremely lucky to be able to live in the area where I currently reside. I feel blessed to live in an arena with nothing but snow. I feel bad, because I get to enjoy the heating and A/C system. Other people are feeling very sad, and can barely afford to live. It would be rather difficult to live without the heating and A/C system in side of our condominium. I would be happy to open up the condominium to all types of people who needed and Arena to live, especially if I knew that could help them be comfortable. We have an occasional problem when a snowstorm might prevent us from using our heating system, but that is usually because the power has gone out. Sometimes the heating and A/C system will fail to work, because snow has frozen our power line completely. I hope that some people who have been affected by the storm are able to stay in nice hotels. I know that it helps me to be comfortable, when I can experience the comfort of a wonderful heating and AC system. All of the people who are affected are in my prayers and thoughts. I hope that the disaster effort can go on for a while, because a lot of these people don’t have anyone to rely on.

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