Getting cooling system put away

I’m so glad that it’s time to take the lights out of the attic. Winter is just around the corner and I couldn’t be happier. I’m particularly happy about not using the A/C system anymore, because the damn thing hardly Works half the time anyways. The A/C hasn’t worked right in the past five years, and I’m tired of paying the bill for it. I’ve had the heating and A/C system tuned up several times, but it doesn’t seem to do any bit of good for our A/C system. The local heating and A/C system dealer comes over to the house and does some maintenance on our system, but it usually ends up breaking down halfway through the season anyways. It seems like seriously overpriced equipment, and I wonder how crucial it would be if I actually had to go without a heating and A/C system. My home has its own fireplace, so I might be able to get away without having an actual heating system. The summertime becomes the biggest problem, because it’s absolutely imperative to have a while working A/C system. We live in an area of the country that sees a lot of sun, and the humidity can be downright treacherous. Without a properly working heating and A/C system, life can be pretty terrible around these parts. I sure do feel glad for the winter time fixes, because they usually are covered under the agreement that we have with our heating and AC repair company. If anything breaks after a tune-up, they come back to fix it for free

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