Air purifier for allergies

This years flu symptoms have been one of the worst I’ve ever had. I’ve dealt with silly allergies for as long as I can remember. I’ve suffered from allergies ever since I was born! As a child, I would complain to my parents, but they were didn’t think my allergies were that bad. Two doctor’s appointments later, and I proved them wrong. My journey with horrible allergies all started on the afternoon I had to strip our entire home’s air vents, frequently. They had to pull out all the carpets up, plus installed hardwood floors instead. I also replaced the furniture and the wardrobes in the bedroom. It was an added expense to have the Heating plus A/C sensitive unit installed, but it drained my family’s savings. I hate how I need to protect myself from terrible air environments. I end up missing out on a lot, because I can’t go into particular buildings or attend some events, due to my aggressive allergies. The worst, is when the season of summer arrives. While most people go towards the best of the best AC units, I have to be extra cautious for those that don’t. Not everyone respects Heating plus A/C servicing during the year like they should. This means that I could potentially walk into an environment with a damaged AC unit. This leads to a horrible flu symptom attack, which could send myself to the hospital. There’s never an easy way to know, thus I miss out on some fun things due to being overly cautious.

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