The holes in HVAC ducts

My family and I always have our A/C system set at the same temperature. We have found that our utility bill stays consistent, on condition that we keep the A/C system set to 71 degrees within the summer months. When our utility bills started to steadily go up in a three-month period, I knew we owned a problem with our HVAC system. We weren’t doing anything differently in the house, so the issue had to be something with our HVAC system. By way of the end of the fourth week, our energy bill had risen by nearly 40%. My wife and I decided to call an HVAC contractor, so that they can see if we could fix the matter. The HVAC technician found the challenge very easily, which happened to be with our HVAC ducting. Our ducting was extremely dated, and a portion of the adhesives were failing. There was a large deal of cold A/C, that was being lost in the many holes in our HVAC ducting. The technician told us that the issue was easily fixable, but that it would take some hours to check over all places within the ducting. By the time the HVAC technician had finished inspecting our ducting, he had found about 12 different spots that needed to be fixed. I was glad we had decided to contact an HVAC carrier, because the problem with our system was just going to get much worse. Our HVAC technician found a coupon somewhere for us people, which helped to save $150 at our ducting repairs. The A/C system is working a whole lot better, now that the ducting is actually nicely repaired.

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