Pet fut in air filter is a problem

As an HVAC technician who has to go into HVAC ducts and cleanse them out, there’s nothing more painful than having an allergy to nasty cat hair. Too many people in this service area have cats and when I go to implement service to their HVAC system, I end up with bad allergies for weeks at  a time. I try to take an antihistamine before, but it doesn’t solve the issue. This one time I received a nice call in regards to duct cleaning from an old lady. She happened to live really near to my house so I took the project thinking that I could go directly home after I finished the job. When I showed up, I was taken aback by the numerous cats living in her dwelling. There must have been at least 25 of them and a few more I could see outside in the back yard. Who knows how many cats and kittens were actually there. I began sneezing immediately and wanted so badly to leave, but the lady was begging me badly to see her HVAC system ducts cleansed out. When we were on the phone, she told me she just needed a routine cleaning, but after I arrived, she revealed that a particular one of her kittens got stuck within the air conditioner duct and won’t come out. She wanted me to go into her HVAC ducts and look for her kitten! It took me over an hour and a half to find the little thing and when I was finished, my clothes were covered in nasty cat dander. I was sneezing uncontrollably and couldn’t breathe. When I arrived home, I removed my attire and threw them away, then took a hot shower and a couple of Benadryl. That’s the last time I invest in an HVAC duct job with regard to old cat ladies at all!

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