Indoor air quality for my skin

I do not care for insects, & I always have been this way.  I’m not afraid of them, & I don’t freak out, but I don’t want them crawling around on me.  I can’t figure it out, because as a kid, I loved to gather bugs & frighten our mom with them.  Maybe I have just gotten older & I am now fraught with little phobias, but I think it is actually just the small thought of even a fly as it lands on my skin.  I’m like that with the rain too.  I used to like walking in the rain, & taking in the freshness of the air, however now when it touches my skin, it almost hurts.  My fiance says I am just spoiled.  If I get out in the sunlight, my skin breaks out, & I itch like I  might have poison ivy.  I just like to stay inside where there are no bugs, rain, or sunshine to touch my skin.  I still really like the rain & the sun, & I think several insects are nice and appealing.  I just find it more comfortable to be inside, with the air conditioning to keep my skin cool.  I want the oil furnace that will keep my skin dry & I won’t need to be wet at all.  I just think that my skin has become delicate, & I take care of it.  I occasionally wonder if I am weird because if I don’t have the heating & A/C system, my skin gets very sore, & I look like I have measles.  Maybe some people are right when they say that I am just nuts.  Whatever it is, if I don’t have the comfort of our heating & A/C, I can drive people as crazy as they think I am.