From AC to the heater

I went to our grandson’s football game today.  It was a lovely fall afternoon, plus the sun was shining very brightly.  I was genuinely comfortable in my jeans plus t-shirt.  When the loud train went by, there was such a breeze that I began to shiver a little.  Then the sun went behind the clouds plus the temperature went down to 58.  I wanted to get back into the car plus get out of the wind plus cool.  On the way back home, the we stopped at a very small restaurant.  Their heating was really working well.  We got put in our booth, plus the heating system was pouring its air over our feet; I thought that our warm blood would be boiled plus congealed until we had gotten out of there.  Our next stop was to the local shopping center.  All of us laughed when our youngest granddaughter said, that she needed a bra.  We went into the dressing room, plus the little baby began to shiver.  They had the air conditioner set so unbelievably low, that it wasn’t even as warm  as it was outside, plus the temperature outside had dropped to 57.  No matter where we had gone, so far today, the heating plus cooling couldn’t get in sync with the wild weather.  By the time we got home, that afternoon, I was ready to just relax.  All of us still haven’t turned on our furnace, plus the two of us haven’t used the air conditioner in a few weeks.  It was so nice to walk in plus relax in a nice home that I knew what to expect from the heating and cooling, which was close to nothing.  Next month we’ll turn on the warm furnace, plus say goodbye to the air conditioner for multiple months