Dry skin with the heater on

Many years ago,when I was a little kid, I had gross eczema. It was unpleasant and very bothersome. It seemed like everything would irritate my sensitive skin. My skin would become itchy, spotted white, and inflamed and other kids would make fun of me. I finally got my eczema managed during my teenaged years, gratefully, before I had to attend high school. I’ve changed homes multiple times since that time and have never had any issue with dry skin or eczema. It never bothered me at all. I almost forgot about it really. However, when I moved into my new home quite a while ago, every single winter when we turn on our own home heating system, my eczema flares back up. I had oil furnaces and gas furnaces all within the other houses I have been around in before this house, and I never had a situation with my eczema one bit. I can’t figure out why this particular gas central heat is triggering my illness all of a sudden. I bust out into a severe rash the second we turn it on and it will not fully go away until spring, when we finally turn off that heating system. I am truly sure it’s my heating system because my rash seems to come back the exact same day we first start up the heat. Winter is about to start out again and I really don’t want to undergo this trauma again. I am avoiding turning on my heating system badly until the last minute. Perhaps it is something regarding the humidity level in this kind of house? I am thinking of consulting an HVAC technician about choosing a nice humidifier this year and wishing that will be the secret to success.

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