AC in different zones

My sister just lately got married, and I left for visit for the ceremony. I stayed with my sister for just 3 long weeks, but I got to take part in most of the activities. It had been a terribly long time since I visited my sis last, and the weather ended up being completely crazy. Some days it was very chilly outside, while other days, we needed to run the A/C system all day. My sister carries a very interesting A/C system, since it is split up into different zones. Both of my nephew’s bedrooms are in one A/C zone, while the family room downstairs is set up in a wholly different zone. Since the A/C system is parted in this fashion, my sister can adjust the temperature in both areas one by one. It has worked out awesome and effectively, because the bedrooms get extremely warm daily. I let the boys start up the A/C in their spaces, while still using the many windows to keep the living area cooler. It really helps to save on cash in the long run, and everyone can be pleasantly comfy. I really prefer the areas of the home that do not have any kind of A/C. The basement has a large amount of windows that run over the entire wall. When the windows are kept open, the breeze is plenty to cool the area thoroughly. The multi-split A/C unit in the bedroom area works amazingly well, but I favor the natural breeze from the outdoors. I’ll be sad to leave and go back to my own home, because the weather is so great here. We have only oppressive heat and humidity where I actually live, so this weather is much better.

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