The cooling system is real efficient

It seems to me that I have been seeing numerous articles recently regarding inventions coming from colleges and universities all over our great country! It’s great to see the minds of our younger generation coming together to develop things that we will all need and use in our future. I’d like to see more of our schools of higher learning focusing on productive tasks and much, much less political work.  Just this past week, one certain college in particular, developed a modern cooling plan that should lead to lower energy costs in the future. The cooling plan has radiative capabilities that allows a great deal less energy used, plus it also sends any excess heat into outer space. It works very similar to how solar panel systems work, however it does focus more on releasing the heat rather than collecting the energy.  Given the nature of collecting solar energy, this type of cooling process should provide a solid reduction in energy expenses until solar technology can further increase.  I know, ultimately, the future will use much more solar energy, and we will no longer have to worry about the costs of the energy in regards to our A/C equipment. The sun is genuinely an unlimited source of power for us, plus we have barely begun to tap into that energy, and all that it can provide. I am looking forward to that special day  where I do not have to worry about finances when deciding what temperature to set my temperature control at! Maybe that special day will never come, despite that, I will continue to dream anyways. People honestly never thought that air conditioning equipment would become a reality either, however creative minds did not let this doubt stop them from pushing forward.

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