Painting and air conditioning

Back in high school, I loved absolutely everything about art class. I took every course I could, and especially loved painting more than any other medium. I remember I used to lock myself in my room and paint for hours every night, and it was one of the most gratifying activities I was ever involved with. When I got older, however, it got much harder to stay involved with such a time consuming hobby, and I stopped practicing my art as much. Now that I have more extra time again, I’ve set up a painting room to promote a hobby. I’ve even gone as far as to modify my HVAC system to maintain the perfect air conditions in my new painting studio. I realized in early stages that the excess humidity within the air where we live is actually deleterious to my oil paints, and all of the extra moisture makes the paintings dry very slowly. I wanted to cool my studio to make up for this discovery, so I added an additional air conditioning unit to the living room. It was simply a window AC unit that I found online for only $50, but the new cooling system worked great to add some extra temperature control. Then I realized that it may be even better if there was extra dehumidifying power included in the room, and quickly purchased a smaller dehumidifying unit to compliment the new AC. Now my paintings have been drying faster and better than ever, and I’m perfectly comfortable as I enjoy pursuing my old passion.

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