Our game room has good AC

After church on Sundays, I noticed recently, that the kids are constantly sitting around in the afternoon, waiting for the night service.  So I started thinking about an interest I have. I’ve been thinking about setting up a place for the kids at our church.  I figured that the interest center would give them a site to hang out & stay busy at the same time. Of course, I had to first get the ok from the pastor and then the board, but in my favor, we already have a modular building on our property that was being used as storage. So after much cleaning and organizing, we were able to set up the center. I bought an air hockey table, we added a ping pong and foosball table, an arcade basketball game, satellite, game system, & we carpeted most of the room. It was an awesome site for the kids to spend time in, & the air conditioning in the room kept the site easily cold enough.  The only issue I found with the current air conditioning is that I did not anticipate all of the bodies in the room and it was putting a fantastic strain on the cooling system. The entire time that we used the room for storage, we never once had any troubles with the air conditioning. When we first opened the center, the cooling system equipment kept working well enough for the center, but eventually, we noticed a gradual change in the temperature over a series of months. For instance, if you set the temperature control to sixty-six degrees, the cooling system could only get the temperature down to seventy degrees.  Ultimately, we had no choice but to sell the existing cooling system unit.  Besides, we used that cash to purchase a newer piece of equipment that could support the increased interest and fellowship of our kids center. Armed with numerous activities & a current cooling system unit, this room is now the number one site to be on while here on church property.

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