Keeping the ac not in use

I’ve never been a position financially in which I was able to even dream about living in real house as an adult. I’ve been scraping by, making enough money to settle my student loans and barely supporting myself since I moved out of my mom’s house, and there were no realistic options beyond cheap apartment leases. That’s why it’s been a new experience to learn about HVAC units in the first house I’ve ever called my home. I got lucky, and my spouse and I were able to find a home within our budget recently. Everything appeared to be up to code, except we realized that the HVAC unit was getting pretty old and would need repairs fairly soon. As such, we’ve been looking to save up our money for any pending heating and cooling overhaul, and for now we have been trying to make little  use of our heating and cooling devices. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have gotten a house with several levels, therefore providing a vast array of temperatures naturally, without the need of HVAC intervention of any sort. We’ve been trying to capitalize on this characteristic by spending as much time in the lower levels as possible, and it’s working out well on all fronts. Instead of using our AC, we simply camp out in the basement and enjoy the inherently cooler air temperatures that it provides, saving us wear and tear on our cooling unit and energy bills monthly. At this rate we will have money for that new HVAC rather quickly!

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