Keeping my money close with HVAC

I’m so lucky to have a guy who knows how to do handy things around the house. I somehow hit the lottery and was left with a guy who can invest the morning diagnosing and correcting intricate car issues.  He spent the day doing physical labor and correcting things around the house, and in the evening we barbecued a delicious meal, topped off with has a delightful adult cocktail. I don’t know where he obtained these skills, although I couldn’t be happier that he is the way he is. He is, then again, a little stubborn, and at times gets himself into scuffles in reference to his insistence on repairing things. For example, he recently decided that instead of paying an HVAC professional to come perform routine maintenance on our heating and cooling systems, he would learn how to do all the work himself. He went to work reading about air conditioning machines and traditional furnaces, and soon had learned everything the online market place had to offer on a normal service that these HVAC components require so they have a long and efficient life. He went outside to tinker around with the AC unit, tools in hand, and I waited with bated breath to find out whether or not our cooling unit was going to be damaged beyond repair. I heard a massive bang and a single yelp, before my hubby ran inside, holding his hand in his other hand. The air conditioner had struggled back, and managed to hurt him enough to put the rest of the maintenance servicing on the back burner for some weeks, but he has vowed to remain vigilant with the AC.