The heating and cooling wars

What are the largest “issues” in marriage?  Money?  Children?  Neat or messy house?  Hot or cold?  Well, the ones that break up marriages are the first couple listed.  The others just exacerbate the problems separate from dictating any outcome.  The easiest one to deal with is the question of heat or cold.  If this is one of your problems, first try calling a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional to recommend to you plus your spouse how to arrange a truce.

A central a/c plus heating plan creates a home with an even temperature dictated by the temperature control unit.   The location of this control unit can affect the uniformity of the temperature floor by floor and room by room.  Keeping in mind that heat rises while cold sinks, the fourth floor of a house will always be warmer than the first.   And the lower floors will be cooler.  Typically, the woman of the apartment wants her ambient air to be cooler, while Dad wants everything warmer for himself plus the young children.  How about using the fourth floor for the youngsters’ bedrooms plus mom’s office, while you reserve the lowest level for dad’s man cave.  The specialist should install the control unit on the middle floor of the home.   This may be the easiest solution in a three story home.

But what about a single story house with the living core in the center plus multiple wings – one on each side of the core.  The solution is to set up a multiple zone system.  With one climate control unit in each wing, the blend of air in the core center of the apartment should be more than satisfactory to all.  No more war of the temperature control unit!

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