The gas heater in the cabin

In our location, up here in the mountains, it gets entirely  frigid in the winter.  All of us all need someone to help keep us from freezing at evening.  My partner Mike as well as I live in a mountain cabin that was built by Mike’s Grandfather a generation ago.  Of course, each generation of her family has made changes, some necessary, some just for aesthetics.  By the end of last year, both of us had agreed that the aged furnace that had been with the cabin for the past 50 years was entirely  on its last leg.  It had been churning out clunking noises for the last few winters but it regularly had as well as both of us get a furnace tune-up yearly as well as both of us also replace the filter.  All of us would not desire to go through a Wintertime without our much-needed furnace so both of us get a furnace tune-up every year to lengthen its life.  It’s almost a family member to us.  The mountains are beautiful in the Wintertime but they can be deadly if you are not prepared well.  So both of us also have a well stocked fireplace. All of us chop and dry the wood all year round as well as stockpile it in the woodshed just outside of the back door, i guess the reason the woodshed is only a few feet away from the back door is because there was back in the day a kitchen stove that required wood to cook.  Thankfully, that improvement was made long before I came around.  But the next improvement will be a new furnace.  The days are getting shorter so we’ll be conversing with the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C provider before too much longer to decide if both of us can get away with a furnace  repair or if both of us will need to totally replace the furnace to keep out mountain cabin warm.

gas furnace