Musical a/c system

Planning ahead for my daughter’s birthday, I secured us tickets to a musical at the nearby arts center. The tickets were quite pricey, but we were both really amped to view this particular musical. Since it was the end of July, the outside temperature is at the high eighties. We both wore light cotton dresses for the performance. The drive to the theater took nearly two hours, and the air conditioner in the automobile was malfunctioning the whole time. We tried rolling down the windows, but it was not possible to become comfortably cool. We were both quite hot from the time we arrived. Once the car was parked, we needed to walk around several blocks in the sweltering temperatures. We were desirous to get inside, secure some normal water, and cool down. For the first few minutes,the air conditioning in the cinema felt absolutely terrific. However, after a few moments, both my daughter and I were a bit too cold. Since the venue can be huge and was completely filled to capacity with audience members, I was openly surprised that the air conditioning could achieve these kinds of frigid temperatures. I could never locate any of the vents, but without doubt it felt like the cold air was shooting from every direction. I spent the full performance shivering and thinking about blankets. It was impossible to enjoy the musical with the overuse of the air conditioner the whole time. I can’t will imagine how much it cost to hold such a temperature. Probably, if the management would think to raise the thermostat by a few degrees, they could subsequently lower ticket costs. I will be anxious to buy their tickets from now on because of how uncomfortable I felt the full time.

A/C install