Working out better with AC

As a dancer, I appreciate that I can dance anywhere, at any time, regardless of the conditions. As long as I can get my shoes and dance, I can entertain, end of story. But as I get to be older, I realize there is more to it than all of this. My comfort makes a difference. Oh yeah, I can dance in a hot nightclub, however now I get that I can dance much better in a climate controlled, relaxed environment. As I have come to realize this, it has helped my dancing career by being more selective about the jobs I take. I used to take any dancing job that was given out, however now I ask a few questions like if they have temperature control on the stage. Strangely enough, this has lead to me getting better dancing gigs, because with powerful A/C to offset the stage lights, I can relax plus dance way better. It’s not just about air conditioning, though, there are various other parts of a job I take into mind. But this is a warm section of the country, plus comfort is a big thing, so A/C does come up quite a bit in prospective dancing gigs. After all, because I dance, the air quality is also a major thing, because my ability to keep health is my livelihood. I used to smoke plus stay out super late , however now I mess with decent ventilation, plus start to make sure I have a nice dehumidifier to keep extra moisture out of the air.

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