Getting advice for HVAC for weird floorplan

My partner and I were looking for a greater beach house that would still be a short commute to our neighborhood jobs and happened upon a renovation taking place about ten minutes away.  The building was a turn of the (20th) century factory and each of the apartments would be 20’ by 40’ with 14’ ceilings, with hardwood floors and 10’ windows along the  sides of the apartment.  A small home office had been built at 1 end, with an 8’ ceiling which also functioned as the floor of a sleeping loft.  Once I grappled with the idea of climbing a ladder each evening, I decided that the house had a lot to offer.  My partner and I moved in and built several residing spaces out of this 760 square foot room.  One of the nicest things about the house was that the sun poured into the place and created a warm, Inviting site.  The not-so-appealing part of the sleeping loft was that as heat rises, the upper areas of the room were not just warm, but at times, steaming hot.  The people I was with and I asked a neighbor who worked for an Heating and Air Conditioning company what he could recommend to help us build a more comfortable sleeping room.  He had more than one idea:  1, install a ceiling fan, not instantly over the mattress (that would seem intimidating), but just beyond the edge of the sleeping space, and open all or most of the windows about a few inches at the top so that the warmer air could find its way out of the place.  This was a simple way to fix the ventilation concerns at a satisfactory cost.  And it was the final touch which made our purchase happy 1.

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