AC wrecked my hands

Trying to fix items you’ve got little understanding of is such a bad idea, yet that never seemed to stop me from attempting to fix my own air conditioning system. In advance of working on the air conditioner, I did ensure that the power to the unit was cut off at the breaker box. I was, at a minimum, smart enough to realize that working on things with energy running through them was not smart. I thought that cutting off the power would verify that no bodily injury would happen to me. As I began taking care of the air conditioning system, I became aware that the compressor was not working. So, after reading about that issue using the web, I decided that I wanted to replace the compressor.  I started to remove the compressor and heard a loud popping sound which was quickly followed by a cloud of mist all around my hands. When I could see my hands, they were entirely frozen. Evidently, the air conditioning condenser had expelled the refrigerant through a discharge valve. The refrigerant had doused my hands and given me the worst possible case of frostbite. I was then driven to the hospital, and the next several weeks of my life were not very enjoyable. From that moment, I decided that I’d never work on any air conditioning equipment again. Unplugging the electricity from the A/C unit certainly failed to alleviate the risk involved with repairing the unit. I’ve learned that some problems in life are best handled by hiring a professional.