Cold while giving blood

I donate blood at a local collection site once a month. I feel that everyone should help out if they can and giving this critical gift helps many people.  Occasionally though, it takes an hour to finish up with the donation.  I lay on a couch with a needle in my arm and no way to move.  I don’t mind helping others but occasionally, I forget my jacket and I am lying there freezing because of the the HVAC vents in the room and I wonder what I’m doing.   I have been donating so long, I have a special pin for all the gallons of life- giving product that has come from me.  You would think that I would remember my jacket since I seem to always get the chair that sits directly under the vents so often. Each time I’m in this situation am  ecstatic when it is finally time for me to leave. The facility is equipped with an excellent HVAC system which is great, however, not for the people donating.  The rest of the building really comfortable because they are wearing normal clothes and not having a pint of blood taken from them, but if you’ve ever donated, you know that your body temperature drops each time that you do. The other reason for the cold temperature is to decrease the amount of bacteria that can be spread throughout the building. It wouldn’t do for people to donate blood only to have it contaminated.  I understand all these things but I think that they should at least provide us blankets or something during our donation time. Is what increase the amount of people who would be willing to donate too.  

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