A/C that we update

My relative gave me a ring earlier this week to tell me that she had learned some new information about our relatives. She has become captivated with researching our ancestry and constantly tells me new information. Some of these materials are interesting, however most are meaningless in my opinion because I prefer to have a home in the here and now. I believe if I never met the person, then it is hard for me personally to make any sort of relationship to them so far as being family. My sister, in contrast, loves to make relationships and she thinks it’s really cool when she finds out that someone in our clan had similar likes or a similar job to someone in modern day. I did find it interesting while using the fact she called about recently and it was about our dad’s business. Our father has worked for many years as an HVAC technician along with he truly loves his job and additionally apparently it’s in his DNA. After going back 3 Generations on our family tree, my relative found that my grandfather combined with my great-grandfather also worked inside HVAC businesses of some fashion. Dad had talked about his father, my grandfather, being an electrical engineer, nevertheless apparently he worked specifically in the field of developing modern-day HVAC units. I thought that  was pretty cool but then she laughed and said that our great-grandfather was actually an ice delivery man, I thought that’s even better. I know that’s distinctive from an HVAC technician, but the fact that that revolved around keeping people and their important things cool on hot summer days made the call even easier. Who knows, maybe my young man or my sister’s son will carry on the same family employment and become a great HVAC technician.

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