Thermostat control in tropics

The majority of the older people in our community spend the winter months going down to the coastal spots down south. They just don’t care much for our cold snowy winters. I can’t really blame them as I would probably end up doing the same thing when I get old. I remember as a kid taking a trip to my grandparents one season and it was rather pleasant getting a break from shoveling snow although I was also glad when I arrived back at my home. It was my first time ever facing that type of atmosphere and I decided that the heat and humidity were not something that I liked much. I know living up in the north we are cooped up inside our dwellings for months on end since extreme temperatures cause us to stay in our climate controlled buildings. It is funny to listen to people who live in the south talk about how they can’t understand how we can manage living that way, without realizing that they do exactly the same thing. It is true that they’re able to venture outside without putting on many layers of clothing but in the south the heat can be so intense that they must stay in their air conditioned and climate controlled spaces to be comfortable. Instead of putting on layers of clothing to go outside they must apply layers of sunscreen and hope that it doesn’t sweat off. I will take the four seasons we experience up north over that tropical heat and humidity no matter what. Maybe I will feel differently as I grow older but for the moment I will stick to only having vacations during the summer like everybody else.

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