Furnace work

    Last fall something in me said to call our local HVAC provider for a check up on our cooling and heating system, before the winter weather hit. We had been having very mild winters for the last few years. But, recently, we have had some crazy climatic conditions. All through the summer we were on a roller coaster of temperatures, and our thermostat didn’t know which path to take at times. We had a pretty serious heat wave, that felt like we had our air conditioning on for a few months, when actually, it was likely just one or two weeks. Once that passed by, we got some normal temperatures, and we didn’t finally end up needing the HVAC unit at all, we had the strangest cold spell on record for the summer season! We actually had to turn the heater on during July!  So, now I was thinking that this winter could get pretty bad for our town. After all, we hadn’t expected summertime temperatures to rise and fall the way they did to put some serious mileage on our HVAC unit. When they came out to get started on the vents, their first comment was that they could tell we had been using it a reasonable amount. In fact, it was so well used, that he had to change out the different air vent filters and strip the ductwork. I am really glad I called him out to get a service check now. They also tell you, that the amount of calls they get in the dead of winter is insane, and individuals are often left waiting for over a week, in the bitter cold, with no heat, before they can come to fix their HVAC equipment.

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