Glad for beach house AC

Living on the beach is something I’ve dreamed of for a very long time. When we were just teenagers, our folks would drive us to the beach on weekends, where we could play in the ocean, practice surfing & swimming, & just explore the entire landscape. Those were great memories, & left me with a burning desire to move my life to the water’s edge & live in a beach residence. A few years ago I finally made that move, only to realize that all of our memories were summer season memories, & there are other seasons not as great. My beach house did come with a truly nice current heating and cooling system, so that helps out with a lot of potential issues here. For example, living on the beach inside of the wintertime is nowhere near as fun as the summer season, & the cold wind off the water makes me run our gas furnace for weeks on end! Not to mention the incredible amount of excess moisture that gets into the beach house & needs to be removed with a dehumidifier. The whole air purification program here is essential to living comfortable, because the seawater can be corrosive if all that salt isn’t removed from the air rapidly. It’s straight-forward to fuss over the sand that gets left on the carpet, however there are millions of sand particles in the air too, so a HEPA air filter is the best option for beach living. I don’t mean to complain so much, because our HVAC system really makes the venue great, however I can’t imagine living here with an ancient or outdated air purification system working in our home.

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