Do we want a heater more?

My partner & I have been married for about thirty years now. Between work & our several teenagers it feels basically like it is impossible to get away & have some alone time. The two of us normally have to schedule any type of trip months in advance & entirely go out of town to spend some quality time together. I have been planning a trip for us to be in the warm season once our teenagers are out of school & are off to sleepaway camp. This is the perfect period of time because we won’t have to pay the extra cost for a babysitter! Don’t get me wrong, I care a great deal about our teenagers, despite the fact that I am gleeful to spend some time with my partner away from it all. After looking at the cost of our trip, my partner had an idea. He thought maybe it would be a better idea to have a staycation & we could fix up some things around the home. The two of us have been wanting to replace the Heating & A/C unit for quite a long time now, and with the winter months approaching, we genuinely needed to replace our aged heating system. It is on the fritz without a doubt. So I called a Heating & A/C company to come out & give us a quote for a brand new heating system & it was about the same as the cost of our trip. So, we decided to just stay at the house & finally have our Heating & A/C system replaced entirely. The two of us knew we had to do what was best for the whole family. It would be tragic if any of the kids were to freeze in the wintertime because our heating system wasn’t performing as it should. I am ecstatic since we decided to upgrade the HVAC system as it was something we desperately needed. The trip could wait until the following year.

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